Why is My Insurance Company Giving Me a Low Evaluation for My Car? - 09-28-2015

Being in a car accident is a troubling ordeal, and some would say that dealing with the insurance company is even more troubling. During the insurance claim process it is not uncommon for the affected parties to feel victimized by the system, especially when it comes to the evaluation of a totaled vehicle. The evaluation […] Read More

Evaluating an Injury: How Much is My Case Worth? - 09-01-2015

When evaluating a potential settlement on a personal injury case the most important factors are the type of injury and the extent of the injury’s severity. The type and severity of your injury is what determines the cost of the medical attention you will need and that cost is what the first thing any insurance […] Read More

What to Know Before Filing a Motorcycle Accident Claim - 07-15-2015

Unfortunately, the general public is often biased against motorcyclists, and many people have preconceived negative connotations about motorcycles. While negative stereotypes shouldn’t make their way into a court of law, they often do. If jury members project their negative opinions about motorcycles onto your personal injury case, you may end up not getting the compensation […] Read More

I Was Injured at a Sports Stadium, Who is Liable? - 06-30-2015

No one thinks a day at the ballpark will end in personal injury—especially if you’re not on the field actually playing – but injuries to spectators happen more often than you would think. Typically, injuries come in two varieties; the traditional slip and fall somewhere on the premises or an errant foul ball or other […] Read More

5 Ways to Help Your Personal Injury Case Succeed - 05-21-2015

After the initial shock of being involved in a car accident wears off, you may quickly find yourself dealing with injury symptoms or medical expenses. Your best option is to call a personal injury attorney and file a claim in order to receive damages. However, this is only the first step. Once you have filed […] Read More
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