Car Crashes Are Not “Accidents” - 08-11-2016

Car accident is a term commonly used to describe any sort of fender bender, collision or wreck involving one or more vehicles. But is this really the best term to describe the nature of the incident? Not at all. In fact, the majority of what are deemed “accidents” are preventable. Since controllable factors such as distracted […] Read More

Who’s at Fault in Driverless Car Crashes? - 07-05-2016

The question of fault in driverless car crashes is a hot topic these days. In 2015, Volvo was the first company to make the pledge of full liability for accidents caused in self-driving technology mode. But what does that mean for companies that decline to bear the brunt of liability? While these liability laws may […] Read More

Understanding Depositions in Car Accident Cases - 06-13-2016

When you’re involved in a collision, a lot can begin to happen in a short amount of time. To properly handle the stressful ordeal, you will need to keep copious notes and create a file of paperwork for everything related to the accident. If a personal injury lawsuit is filed, you may be required to provide […] Read More

Proving Fault in an Accident Involving a Fatigued Driver - 04-20-2016

Fatigued driving has caused as many as 7,000 documented deaths in the past decade. Unfortunately, many victims of accidents involving impaired drivers suffer injuries, medical complications or emotional trauma long after the accident. If you have been in an accident or suffered property damage from a driver that may have been fatigued, here are some […] Read More

Why You Should Never Admit Fault After an Accident - 03-21-2016

Moments after an auto accident, you begin to notice injuries to passengers and damage to your vehicle. After checking to see if everyone is alright, the next big question often asked after a car crash is, “whose fault was the accident?” Some drivers involved in auto accidents are eager to assign fault and will blame the other […] Read More
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