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Automobile travel is the number one means of transportation in the United States and offers American’s a wide variety of mobility options to improve their quality of life. Unfortunately, with the luxury of auto travel comes the risk of major motor vehicle crashes. According to 2009 data collected by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, automobile crases are the number one cause of death among 4 year olds and persons between the age of 11 and 27. In 2011 it was estimated that there were 5,338,000 police-reported crashes with 32,367 crash related fatalities.


If you’ve been involved in a motor vehicle accident and are considering a lawsuit, you need an experienced attorney who has legal expertise and training to ensure that your case is handled with the utmost professionalism and care. Robert L. Meissner is a trusted personal injury attorney based in Fair Oaks, California who serves the needs of auto accident victims in the greater Sacramento area. No two cases are the same and your case wil need the education and skills of a professional attorney  to handle court proceedings and complete the steps required for your case to be successful.


While California law requires every driver to maintain proof of insurance, it’s a sad fact that over 20% of California drivers carry no insurance at all. This can often make it extremely difficult for a Sacramento accident victim to obtain compensation when trying to settle with an insurance company. Many victims will need to take the opposing party to court to reach a judgement for their settlement, while other victims are forced to file a claim on with their own insurance company under the uninsured motorist coverage.


In most accident cases, insurance companies won’t pay the full value of incoming claims. Insurance companies are notorious for denying or undervaluing claims by the victims they’re responsible for protecting. It is highly advisable that victims of an accident seek the expertise of a trusted accident lawyer to help with the insurance claim process. The Law Offices of Robert Meissner have extensive experience in dealing with the insurance claims process and aren’t afraid to bring your case to trial to get the compensation you deserve in the wake of an accident.


Robert L. Meissner spent many years of his career as an insurance defense attorney before beginning his own practice. You can rest easy knowing that your attorney has the right background to gain the right settlement and verdicts for his clients. Our Sacramento accident law firm has managed a variety of auto accident cases and has a long standing history of dealing with the insurance companies.


If you or someone you love has been injured in an automobile accident in the Sacramento area call the Law Offices of Robert L. Meissner offices today at 916.863.2900 or fill out our online form for a free consultation.