Dog Bites

When it comes to a personal injury, using the services of Meissner Law is very important as it can help you to get the justice that you deserve; nothing could be more important when you’re looking for a dog bite attorney in Sacramento. A dog bite is one of the most common types of personal injuries that can happen. Dog bites can differ in severity, but nonetheless, they can cause trauma, emotional, and physical damage. Before you call your insurance company, make sure to call us here at Robert L. Meissner Law Firm to discuss your case. We will be able to work with your insurance companies to make sure that you get the money that you deserve in order to deal with this traumatic incident.


By hiring a dog bite attorney, you will be able to get the compensation that you deserve to help you deal with the injuries that you have sustained from the dog bite. At Robert Meissner Law Firm, we will go over the details of the dog bite injury to determine whether or not you have a case. We will also analyze the health insurance options available to you in order to help you receive the medical care and attention that you need in order to recover. Once a case has been determined, we take out all of the hassle from dealing with this issue as we will talk to all of the parties involved and represent you so that you can focus on recovering and getting back to your normal life.


It’s no secret that by hiring a personal injury attorney, you are much more likely to get the settlement amount that you need in order to deal with the traumatic injury that has occurred from a dog bite. Don’t let anyone tell you that a dog bite incident isn’t worthy of revision by a lawyer. If you have received a dog bite injury, contact us today as we are trained to get you the financial compensation that you need in order to get back to your life and to recover.


Robert L. Meissner spent many years as an insurance defense attorney before opening his own practice, giving him a background that has helped him obtain favorable settlements and verdicts on behalf of many plaintiffs.  If you have been injured from a dog bite in Sacramento call us at 916.863.2900 or use our online form and contact us for a free initial consultation today!