Mistakes to Avoid After a Car Accident - 11-29-2016

Key mistakes everyone should avoid after getting into a car accident. Read More

When You Hit An Object In The Road - 10-18-2016

  No one wants to be in a collision, but accidents can occur when you least expect them to. The same is true for single car incidents when a driver hits an object in the road. However, if the object is unavoidable and there is damage to your car, what happens next and who is […] Read More

How to Avoid Being Caught Off Guard in a Car Accident -

No one gets into their car planning to have an accident, but more often than not, these things are outside of our control. While we all hope for the best, it is important to prepare for the worst.   According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, over 2.3 million people were killed or injured […] Read More

Top Driving Distractions for Teen Drivers - 09-21-2016

It’s no surprise that teen drivers are particularly vulnerable to distractions on the road, leading to many potentially deadly car accidents. A study by AAA reveals that in the summer months alone, over 1,000 people die in crashes involving teen drivers. In fact, vehicle accidents are the number one cause of death for teenagers in […] Read More

Dealing With Head Injuries After a Car Accident - 08-23-2016

When you’ve been in a car accident, the chaos that follows can be overwhelming. You’re exchanging insurance information, checking the car for damages, waiting for the police to arrive and more. In all that confusion, it’s crucial that you don’t lose sight of your own health. In fact, your first concern should be ensuring that you […] Read More
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