Sacramento Accident Requires an Attorney

Robert L. Meissner has experience with Sacramento accidents and accidents in California, and has successfully won verdicts for all of the injury areas below.


Types of injuries

Have you suffered a Sacramento accident injury?  If so, seek advice from our firm as soon as possible.

  • Dog bites.  Sadly, some of the most frequent victims of dog bites are young children, whose growth and development can be forever limited if medical care is not sought quickly, and compensation received promptly.
  • Slip and fall.  Were you injured on the property of another person? Robert L. Meissner can determine if the owner of that property had a responsibility to prevent your accident injury in Sacramento, and seek remuneration accordingly.
  • Work-related injury.  Are you attempting to file for workers compensation? Being pressured by your employer or an insurance company to accept a so-called deal?  Mr. Meissner used to be an insurance defense lawyer.  Do not accept any deals until you speak to him.  He will tell you if the deal is fair, or you are entitled to more than the company is letting you know.
  • Auto accident and motorcycle injury.  Do you have whiplash, soft tissue damage, traumatic brain injury, or back pain from an accident?  These common accident injuries in Sacramento may be cause for a monetary settlement.
  • Medical malpractice.  Has a physician, nurse, orderly, lab technician, hospital, or other medical facility abused the trust you placed in them?  This type of accident injury in Sacramento calls for the strong legal services of our firm to hold the offending party accountable.
  • Elder abuse.  Is a senior citizen that you love being abused or neglected?  Call our firm as soon as you are able for a quick and professional response to your request for legal action.
  • Chronic pain.  Almost any Sacramento accident injury can result in chronic pain, a limiting and debilitating condition. Do not feel you have to accept this unacceptable state without consulting our firm.
  • Wrongful death.  Has a loved one died as the result of the recklessness or negligence of another person? Robert L. Meissner will fight vigorously for the justice that you, and the deceased, deserve.

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